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We hope your time at King's Manor will be enjoyable and memorable. Therefore, you may bring along a pet dog, if you wish. The following policies apply: 

1. The limit is one dog per week. Cats are
    not allowed. 

2. An additional $60.00 must be added to
    the down payment as a weekly fee, and
    to indicate your intent to bring a pet. 

3. The dog must be fully housebroken and

4. Any resulting damage, including hair on
    furniture or bedding, will be subject to a
    minimum additional charge of $20.00, or
    the actual value if greater. This also
    includes dog waste remaining anywhere in
    the near vicinity of the home and yard. 

5. If a dog is to be left alone in the home
    at any time, it should be confined to the
    entryway area. 

6. Barking must be restrained, out of
    respect for neighbors. 

Thank you for your careful attention to these policies.  They are necessary so that all may continue to enjoy their time at the King's Manor.
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